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Why the Giant British Airways Fine Highlights Extra Struggles for SMEs

By mjackson

Now over 12 months in, following the implementation of the GDPR and it’s no secret that suffering from a cyber-attack can wreak havoc on your organisation

Just look at British Airways. The company was recently fined a record £183 million for last year’s data breach.

BA recently fined a record £183 million

However, while large businesses like British Airways can eventually recover from a high-profile data breach and hefty GDPR fines, the results of such an event for SMEs can be devastating. Indeed, SMEs have more limited resources to protect themselves and respond to cyber-incidents.

But even with fewer resources, your business shouldn’t ignore the risk of a cyber-attack and accompanying GDPR fines. Use these tips to promote cyber-security:


  • Staff training—Conduct routine, internal cyber-security training for employees in all departments—not just IT.


  • Response planning—Establish an effective, comprehensive cyber-incident response plan and test it regularly with staff.


  • Proper cover—Purchase robust cyber-insurance to provide ultimate protection.