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Travel safety advice for Sri Lanka

By mjackson

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have changed their travel safety advice for Sri Lanka. As a result of the recent attacks there, the FCO now advise against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka.

For your travel insurance, this means that elements of travel insurance may not apply if you do choose to travel to Sri Lanka, and may be able to claim if you have incurred expenses in changing travel plans.

People with an existing booking to travel to Sri Lanka with travel insurance in place

If you choose to cancel your plans, you should, in the first instance, check the position with your holiday company, tour operator or airline to see what provisions they are making.

You can then contact your insurance broker or company as you may be able to claim for any financial loss as a result of cancellation.

If you make arrangements to travel elsewhere, some travel insurers may transfer the cover to the new destination and dates (though some trips may result in an increase in premium depending on the destination).  If no alternative trip is available, you may be able to seek a return of premium if you have not made any other claim on your policy.

If you have a trip booked further in the future and you have travel insurance, it may not be necessary to cancel or change your trip or the insurance you have in place because FCO advice may change before you travel.

People who are currently in Sri Lanka with travel insurance in place

People currently in Sri Lanka need to find out from their travel operator or airline whether a provision is being made to bring people home early.

If this is not the case or you are an independent traveller, your travel insurance may cover you for financial loss arising from curtailing or shortening your trip, and your broker or insurer will be able to give you more details.

If you choose to remain in Sri Lanka until the planned end of your trip, you need to contact your insurance broker to see what cover remains in force under your policy. Some insurers may only continue to cover for a short period following the publication of FCO advice to allow you enough time to arrange to leave the island.

If your travel to Sri Lanka is ‘essential’*

Some specialist insurance providers can continue to provide cover to people if travel to the island is necessary.

Please contact us, should this change be relevant to you/your business.

*See FCO advice