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Why Your Business Needs to Bolster Their Cyber-security Involvement

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Although cyber-security has remained a top concern for UK organisations, recent data revealed that senior managers have yet to join the conversation. The government’s Cyber Governance Health Check discovered that just 16 per cent of corporate leaders demonstrated a full understanding of the potential impacts that a cyber-attack could have on their organisation. What’s worse, […]

Are You Protecting Your Business from These New Cyber-threats

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As technology continues to advance in the workplace, it has become even more critical to ensure proper cyber-security measures within your organisation. And one of the best ways to ensure robust cyber-risk management practices is by staying updated on the latest cyber-threats. In the recently released European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) […]

Addressing the Gap in Your Cyber-security Approach: Staff Training

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In the midst of the GDPR and a growing risk of cyber-attacks across industry lines, your organisation has more than likely bolstered their cyber-security practices in the past year. But have all of your staff members received the message? 60 per cent of UK businesses identified that they have a cyber-security skills gap Recent reports […]

The Results Are In: Cyber-security Ranks as 2019 Top Organisational Risk

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Between the variety of cyber-security concerns that companies faced throughout 2018—including compliance with the recently debuted GDPR, high-profile data breaches and social media privacy scandals, to name a few—it’s no surprise that the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing’s (ECIIA) Risk in Focus 2019 report found that organisations labelled cyber-security as their greatest risk. […]

These Two Cyber-attacks Are on the Rise — Here’s How to Protect Yourself

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Although clicking on and responding to emails in the workplace is a common practice, recent research revealed it’s also a top cyber-security concern. Indeed, among the methods cyber-criminals use to attack organisations, social engineering scams and ransomware are on the rise. Social engineering scams, such as email attacks and phishing scams, accounted for over 25 […]