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Staying Secure: 2018 Cyber-trends

By mjackson

Whether it be preventing a mass data breach or finding ways to comply with the GDPR, the need for cyber preparedness and resilience is at an all-time high. However, a recent survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed that only 13 per cent of organisations feel that they’ve learned from past cyber-mistakes. Have a look at the following 2018 cyber-trends to keep your organisation safe from future attacks:

Everyone is at risk—No matter your business size, you are at risk for a cyber-attack. While typically only large-scale incidents make headlines, research from Symantec found businesses with between one and 250 employees experienced the highest phishing rates.

Breaches aren’t cheap—In the event of a cyber-attack, SMEs can suffer extreme financial burden. The average cost of a worst-case security breach is between £65,000 and £115,000, according to the government’s cyber-guide for small businesses.

Your reputation is in danger—Major cyber-attacks that end up in the media can result in a tarnished reputation for your organisation. This problem can spread quickly, wreaking havoc on supplier, customer and contractor relationships for years to come.

The problem is preventable—Research shows that nearly 80 per cent of cyber-breaches are preventable with proper security measures, such as secure passwords, educating staff and taking advantage of software or app updates on workplace technology.

You need cyber-insurance—Purchasing cyber-insurance can provide you with the ultimate peace of mind regarding your organisation’s cyber-security. Contact CIAT Insurance Services today for more information on finding the best cyber-insurance policy.

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