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Why Your Business Needs to Bolster Their Cyber-security Involvement

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Although cyber-security has remained a top concern for UK organisations, recent data revealed that senior managers have yet to join the conversation. The government’s Cyber Governance Health Check discovered that just 16 per cent of corporate leaders demonstrated a full understanding of the potential impacts that a cyber-attack could have on their organisation. What’s worse, […]

Workplace Health & Safety: Don’t Ignore Near-miss Reporting

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Following a serious accident on-site, many employers respond by re-evaluating their workplace risks and controls to determine what went wrong and how they can reduce the likelihood of future incidents. But in reality, many work-related accidents can be prevented altogether with the implementation of an effective near-miss reporting system. Indeed, the HSE defines a near-miss […]

Making the Effort to Prioritise Mental Health at Work: Here’s Why

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It’s vital for your employees to feel comfortable and supported in sharing any worries or concerns they have regarding their health at work. Nevertheless, recent research found that this is hardly the case for UK workers—especially in the realm of mental health. In fact, while over 40 per cent of employees reported feeling comfortable with […]

AI Is Worth the Investment: Use These Top Tips for Implementation

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has frequently been thought of as an innovative, evolving form of technology with the potential to boost organisational success for companies across industry lines. However, many organisations still view AI as a thing of the future, using such an excuse to forego implementation. But in reality, recent data found that AI is […]

Why the Giant British Airways Fine Highlights Extra Struggles for SMEs

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Now over 12 months in, following the implementation of the GDPR and it’s no secret that suffering from a cyber-attack can wreak havoc on your organisation Just look at British Airways. The company was recently fined a record £183 million for last year’s data breach. BA recently fined a record £183 million However, while large […]

Top Culprits of Business Interruption

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Today’s evolving risk landscape contains a wide range of intangible threats—cyber-attacks, broken supply chains and the mental health of your employees, to name a few—that all have the potential to cause noticeable business interruption within your organisation. In fact, recent research found that 20 per cent of organisations feel ill-prepared for unforeseen events in 2019. […]

Here’s What Your Business Can Learn From the Notre Dame Fire

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As flames engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral this past April, such a tragedy emphasised the grim reality that no building is immune to the costly consequences of a fire. Review these lessons learned from past fire disasters to ensure your organisation is practising proper fire prevention and mitigation methods: Eliminate common causes—Try to eliminate commonly […]

Revealed: Half of All Cyber-attacks Use This Technique

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While ‘island hopping’ might come across as a fun and tropical activity to try during your next holiday, this term carries a far more negative connotation in the realm of cyber-attacks. Indeed, island hopping refers to a data breach technique that occurs when cyber-criminals infiltrate smaller organisations—such as human resources, marketing or health care companies—in […]

Protect Your Organisation: Theft Against Businesses Is on the Rise

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Theft is a serious concern for any organisation, regardless of size or industry. What’s more, recent research revealed that theft against businesses is on the rise. In fact, the Crime Survey for England and Wales discovered an 8 per cent increase in theft offences between 2017 and 2018—totalling over 3.5 million reported cases over the […]

Here’s How Organisations Are Handling Their Cyber-Security Risk

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Every year, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport releases its annual Cyber Security Breaches Survey. This year’s data allows organisations to take a closer look at top cyber-threats, analyse the impacts of disruptive breaches and understand the importance of managing cyber-security risks. Indeed, 32 per cent of businesses and 22 per cent of […]